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Created December 21, 2021

Dec2021 Offlane

Prog Rock
Quest: Gathering a Regeneration Globe permanently increases the healing per second of Guitar Solo by 5, to a maximum of 100. Reward: After gathering 20 Regeneration Globes, Guitar Solo also heals nearby allied Heroes for 50 Health every second while it is active.
Crowd Surfer
Allows Powerslide to travel over walls and terrain. If no enemies are hit, reduce the cooldown by 7 seconds and refund the Mana cost.
Echo Pedal
Using a Basic or Heroic ability releases two pulses of 18 damage. This deals 200% bonus damage to Minions, Mercenaries, and Monsters. The first occurs instantly, the second occurs 2 seconds later.
Stage Dive
Leap to target location, landing after 2.75 seconds, dealing 330 damage to enemies in the area, and slowing them by 50% for 4 seconds.
Face Melt leaves an Amp behind, which will knock enemies away again 2 seconds later. Passive: Each enemy Hero hit by Face Melt or the Amp reduces your Heroic ability cooldown by 5%.
Aggressive Shredding
E.T.C.'s Basic Attacks reduce the cooldown of Guitar Solo by 0.75 second.
Tour Bus
Mosh Pit refreshes the cooldown of Powerslide. E.T.C can Powerslide during Mosh Pit, which also increases its duration by 2 seconds.
Balance Patch - 05/18/2021
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