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Created August 26, 2022


Dragon Soul
Destroyer: Incinerate heals Deathwing for 75% of the damage dealt to enemy Heroes. World Breaker: Lava Burst's explosion damage hals Deathwing for 150% of the damage dealt to enemy Heroes.
Heat Wave
Destroyer: After hitting an enemy Hero with Incinerate, Deathwing deals 12 damage per second to all nearby enemies for the next 8 seconds. Stacks up to 4 times. World Breaker: Increase the explosion damage of Lava Burst by 125%.
After using Dragonflight, Deathwing can drop meteors anywhere within vision, dealing 58 damage to enemies in the area. Has 3 charges. If a Hero is hit, Deathwing heals for 3% of his maximum Health.
Bellowing Roar
After 1 second, Deathwing unleashes a mighty roar, dealing 25 damage to nearby Heroes and causing them to run in Fear for 1.5 seconds.
Fire and Fury
Basic Attacks against Rooted, Slowed, or Stunned enemy Heroes deal 30% additional damage and reduce the cooldowns of Deathwing's Basic Abilities by 0.5 seconds.
Elementium Plating
Activate to gain a Shield equal to 30% of Deathwing's missing Health for 8 seconds. While the Shield holds, Deathwing regenerates 2% of his maximum Health per second. When the Shield expires or is destroyed, Deathwing regains Armor Plates appropriate to his new Health. The Shield and effect end immediately if Deathwing uses Dragonflight.
Stood in the Fire
Enemy Heroes are Slowed by 40% while standing in scorched ground, and its duration is increased by 50%.
Balance Patch - 05/18/2021
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