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Created December 21, 2021

221 tyra

Ardent Restoration
Dealing damage to a Hero heals Tyrael for 20 Health over 5 seconds. Dealing damage resets this timer, and the heal amount stacks up to 10 times. Quest: Every Regeneration Globe gathered increases this heal amount by 1%.
Divine Vigor
If Smite hits an enemy, Tyrael's Basic Attacks within the next 4 seconds heal for 70% of the damage dealt.
Purge Evil
Each enemy Hero hit by Smite increases Tyrael's Basic Attack damage by 60% for 4 seconds.
After 0.75 seconds, charge an enemy Hero, dealing 150 damage and Stunning them for 1.5 seconds. Nearby enemies are knocked away and take 75 damage.
Sword of Justice
Upon teleporting using El'druin's Might, El'druin swaps places with Tyrael, and El'druin's Might can be reactivated to teleport an additional time.
Horadric Reforging
Tyrael's Basic Attacks reduce the cooldown of El'druin's Might by 2 seconds.
Angel of Justice
Increases the cast range of Judgment by 50%, and reduces the cooldown by 40 seconds.
Balance Patch - 05/18/2021
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