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Last Edited September 18, 2021


Freshest Ingredients
Increase the healing duration of Regeneration Globes by 150%. Quest: Gather 15 Regeneration Globes. Reward: Reduce Fortifying Brew's cooldown by 2 second, and 50% of its Shield persists indefinitely after drinking.
Deadly Strike
Flying Kick no longer costs Brew. Additionally, its damage is increased by 125% while Chen has Shields from Fortifying Brew.
Brewmaster's Balance
While at or below 50 Brew, gain 20% Movement Speed. While at or above 50 Brew, regenerate an additional 18 Health per second.
Wandering Keg
Roll around inside an Unstoppable barrel, with 70% increased Movement Speed and 25 Armor, dealing 59 damage to enemies in the way and knocking them back. Lasts for 5 seconds.
Pressure Point
Flying Kick Slows the target enemy by 40% for 1 second, or by 80% if Chen has Shields from Fortifying Brew.
Combo Strikes
Every 3rd Basic Attack against the same target deals 75% bonus damage. While Chen has Shields from Fortifying Brew and for 2 seconds after, he gains 35% Attack Speed.
Purifying Brew
Casting Fortifying Brew grants Chen Unstoppable for 1.5 seconds.
Balance Patch - 08/28/19
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