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Created August 21, 2019

Ravatar's Kael'thas Build (Analysis included)

This build is in my general the best, since not only does it do what Kael'thas does best - kill bunch of people in a few seconds - but it has an insane single-target damage potential, making him a dangerous target to dive.
Mana Addict
Quest: Gathering a Regeneration Globe increases Kael'thas's maximum Mana by 15. Reward: After gathering 20 Globes, Kael'thas can activate Arcane Barrier to gain a Shield equal to 100% of his maximum Mana for 4 seconds.
Convection - This is a really risky talent to pick. Kael'thas has two great weaknesses - Suspectibility to getting killed by most heroes with gapclosers, and low mana pool. This is extremely strong talent IF you finish it very early on (mostly you can dream of doing this if against a heavy melee comp that clumps up). In the lategame, the manapool granted by Mana Addict will give you more damage in the long run, aswell as fixing one of Kael's one main weakness.

Fel Infusion - This is generally worse than the other two, not really going halfway both but rather a third of the way. The healing isn't enough to keep you alive in fight, and the both of the other talents will result in more damage.

Mana Addict - As stated above, this talent fixes both of Kael's weaknesses and is generally really strong talent. Kael has instant waveclear with the D + W on mage minion, and Q on the rest of the wave. This makes globe collection rather easy, and completing this quest will be a huge powerspike. After completion, Kael is arguably the most durable of the heroes in magepool.
Nether Wind
Increases Gravity Lapse's range by 30%. When Gravity Lapse hits an enemy Hero, refund 80 Mana.
Nether wind - This talent is mostly for the range upgrade. It is very important for Kael to remain at a safe distance since he lacks the mobility to get out of a bad position. The mana refresh is also nice, but with Mana Addict it is not a big deal.

Mana tap is mostly trolling since the mana gain is actually really small, it doesn't give you the utility Nether Wind gives and is overall a bad talent

Energy Roil is not hopeless and is sometimes the choice if you are playing a Stitches comp where the range does not play a huge part.
Sunfire Enchantment
Activating Verdant Spheres causes Kael'thas's next 2 Basic Attacks to instead deal 115 Spell Damage. If both of these Attacks hit enemy Heroes, gain 15% Spell Power for 10 seconds.
Sunfire Enchantment. - A lot of Kael players skip this talent, and I don't think many have thought it through. It offers very the best single target damage increase which is really important if you are playing in a comp with a lot of killpower, like with a Diablo or Muradin Really good in a stitches comp as well. The 30% spell power is really easy to achieve, since you can basic attack heroes twice during your E. This has a very nice synergy with Ignite later on, since with this landing an E on kael is basically a death sentence for any diver - 30% more damage on bomb, burst AA's on top of a flamestrike is nothing to scoff at. No matter what mage you play, you should always try to not miss auto attack's if at all possible since their damage does add up over time. With this, they become a relevant burst tool, aswell as giving the best overtime damage. It is also important to note that this talent makes your Phoenix far more destructive of a force.

Let me give one example why this is so good: The damage of flamestrike is calculated from the time of impact, not time of cast. So if you use your standard KT combo ( E -> W -> Q), you can AA twice before the flamestrike goes off. This will make your flamestrike deal 30% more damage (which is about the same as the burned flesh bonus without a condition), it will make your Living Bomb deal 30% more damage (Sun King's Fury must look pretty good right now right?) AND the damage bonus of the basic attacks is around 35% of one Flamestrike's damage. Add Phoenix to the mix and the math gets a bit more difficult, but it way bigger than with either of the alternatives. Sometimes I hear excuses for Burned Flesh ''But they clump up a lot!''. So, what if instead of your Flamestrike doing massive extra damage, your Living Bomb would too? And Phoenix? Just saying.

Burned Flesh is overall not a bad pick, but it does encourage you to use your Q with your trait which takes a toll on your CC potential. The overall damage of your kit is usually stronger with 30% more spell power, but with Sunfire you can't do poke the same way you can with Burned Flesh. Then again, maybe two competent players who are not affected by any CC should not stand in a flamestrike. The damage (if you hit multiple people) does come in slightly faster than with Sunfire, but the difference is not big enough to make the difference. Also remember that the 8% of the max hp is usually around the same as it doing straight up 30% more damage.

Sun King's Fury - This talent is a joke. Your spread bombs do 35% more damage. What if you took Sunfire Enchantment and your initial bomb would do 30% more damage, aswell as the spreading one. If you take this, please consider uninstalling the game.
Launch a Phoenix to an area, dealing 171 damage to enemies along the way. The Phoenix persists for 7 seconds, attacking enemies for 171 damage and splashing for 50%.
Phoenix - A powerhouse that is horrendously underpicked. The zoning this talent does is amazing (which is kind of what Kael'thas is supposed to do). The splashing damage adds up a lot in teamfights that are in chokes (which, is where Kael is supposed to be drafted). You can also use Phoenix in many creative ways, like on Infernal Shrines using it on a siege camp to give vision for the camp and help them snipe the well. The short cooldown allows it to be used in this manner and manu others.

Pyroblast - Really slow, but hard hitting. Does not really fit what kael wants to do, and the time locked in cast makes Kael vulnerable to getting dived on. Pick this only if enemy team has one especially better player than the rest who is single handedly carrying the team, and taking him out always wins you the game (assuming they do not have one of the 1001 answers to this ability).
Each time Living Bomb deals periodic damage, Kael'thas's Basic Ability cooldowns are reduced by 0.5 seconds.
Pyromaniac - Usually the go to, making Kael'thas less cooldown locked really adds up to his overall performance in lategame. This also has a major synergy with Ignite, giving you even further CDR. This is also the only talent on this tier that has significant benefits in PvE, since the CDR is not restricted to heroes.

Backdraft - Don't go for this. Imagine a short 30% slow that comes on 3 second delay? Please don't. Just get an additional stun thanks to Pyromaniac and be done with it.

Fission Bomb - If your enemy team is filled with low tier players who don't respect the bombs, this isn't actually a bad talent. The issue I have with it, is that it relies on your opponents being bad rather than you being good at what you do. The fact this isn't a meta talent makes it a bit stronger, since the extra radius sometimes takes people by surprise.
Flamestrikes apply Living Bomb to the enemy Hero closest to its center who is not currently affected by Living Bomb.
Ignite - As stated before, great synergy with Sunfire Enchantment., this makes Kael'thas a single target threat and gives him reasonable poke, since hitting a single person with Flamestrike does around twice the damage it would otherwise. I've taken many Zeratul players who try to gank me by surprise by killing them with one KT combo while keeping myself safe with Mana Addict meanwhile. Living Bomb does around same damage as Flamestrike, so you can in a way consider this a double flamestrike that is confirmed on one target, but does not apply to multiple people in a same way Fury of Sunwell does.

Fury of the Sunwell - This is another legit alternative if Ignite is not your thing. I have the same issue with this though as I do have with Fission Bomb, I like to rely myself being competent rather than enemy being bad - Since without CC or heavy zoning no one should collect a double flamestrike. This has some other applications though - It does meaningful siege damage if you are looking to end the game. or race for Infernal Shrines objective. it also takes nicely care of targets that are not player controlled, like Arthas' ghouls. Against Arthas I would actually take this talent over Ignite.

Twin Spheres - Not actually a bad talent, just not as broken as the other two.
Increases the cast range of Flamestrike by 40%. If you hit 2 or more Heroes, Flamestrike's cooldown is reduced by 4 seconds.
Flamethrower - What if your Kael'thas wasn't cooldown locked nor suspectible to having to endanger himself to do damage? Flamethrower is really the only pick on 20. The power level of this talent is insane, and you might want to start using DQ a bit more at this point.

Rebirth - This actually does the best amount of siege damage. Consider this talent if you are going for enemy core. Otherwise Flamethrower is generally better.

Presence of Mind - This talent isn't available to pick, since you didn't go for Pyroblast. Or maybe you did, but if you did, you probably don't spend a lot of time studying guides.

Master of Flames - The amount of reliance of the degeneracy of your opponents this talent needs is ridiculous. Not only one person, but two has to forget they have a bomb on them. So two enemies both have to do a serious misplay. And if that happens? It comes with a 6 second delay. Similiar commentary to Sun King's Fury - Please no, just don't.
Balance Patch - 01/03/19
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