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Created July 18, 2019

Stitches Opinions 7/18/2019

This is a subjective exploration on Stitches talents, breaking down thoughts on each talent and situations where they can all be picked. Any information you'd like to add, please do so in the comments to contribute towards this post!
Savor the Flavor
When Devour hits a Hero, Stitches heals for an additional 10% of his maximum Health and Mana over 5 seconds. Quest: Hitting enemy Heroes with Devour increases Stitches's Health Regeneration by 1.5.
All of the level 1 talents are good, but Savor the Flavor seems to stand out the most. Savor the Flavor allows Stitches to solo lane and win a lot of match-ups. The extra burst of health and, more importantly, mana makes this talent great for overall sustain and the health regeneration scaling is just icing on the cake.
Patchwork Creation is a good way to heal up between engages and saves your healer resources on healing you. It also increases survivability and allows Stitches to be a bit more aggressive in 4-man rotations.
Hungry for More is a good talent but the rewards come too far into the game. You would be better off with Savor the Flavor in most cases.
Heroes hit by Slam reduce the cooldowns of Stitches's other Basic Abilities by 0.5 seconds, increased to 2 seconds for Heroes that are hit by its inner impact area.
Serrated Edge is a talent that helps blow people up faster if going for picks and helps do sustained damage in melee range due to the cooldown reduction. It's a good talent and should be considered if you are against a heavy Frontline and took Savor the Flavor. It's also worth noting that it also acts as more crowd-control against heroes like Sonya to keep interrupting Whirlwinds.
The talent that I believe works best with Stitches right now is Playtime! mainly because it's pretty easy to get inner area slam hits, even if you're just doing it on the enemy frontline. This talent allows you to throw more hooks out like Serrated Edge but also improves sustain by letting you cast Devour more often, also increasing health regeneration scaling through the game.
Finally, Chop Chop increases Attack Speed but since you will generally be hitting the enemy frontline, the damage it brings doesn't feel too impactful. It does synergize well with other talents from other tiers though.
Hitting Heroes with Basic Attacks or the inner impact area of Slam heals Stitches for 2% of his maximum Health.
Blight is a great talent when you can easily be in melee with the enemy heroes that have a lot of self-sustain or when you are going in deep into the enemy backline. Being able to reduce healing to all the enemy backline is huge and this talent should be heavily considered.
Cannibalize is a good solo lane talent and overall good sustain. This talent also synergizes with Hungry for More. Synergizes well with Chop Chop.
The last talent on this tier is Tenderizer. Slowing enemy heroes for 25% and refreshing Slam's inner area slow let Stitches better stick to the enemies he's focusing. Tenderizer synergizes well with Chop Chop.
It's worth noting that when going Putrid Bile at level 10, you should not be needing Tenderizer. If you go for Gorge though, Tenderizer is suggested.
Putrid Bile
Emit bile that deals 37 damage per second to enemies within, Slowing them by 35% for 1.5 seconds. Gain 20% Movement Speed while emitting bile. Lasts 8 seconds.
In most situations, playing tank or solo laner, you will see yourself taking Putrid Bile. The increased movement speed allows stitches to better reposition and get to the enemy backline, and the area slow allows his team to better focus the backline.
Gorge is a situational heroic but also good when well used. If you're against a Mephisto it really shines. Additionally, it allows to get pick-offs on heroes that get hooked and is great at removing troublesome heroes from the battlefield while some heroics are underway.
Digestive Juices
Hitting an enemy Hero with Devour reduces its cooldown by 5 seconds and causes the Hero hit to 50% reduced damage for 5 seconds.
Lacerate empowers Stitches and his team to do more damage and applies Vile Gas on enemies hit, which synergizes with Blight. Additionally, due to Playtime! you can have pretty solid uptime on this armor reduction and Vile Gas effect.
Digestive Juices increases sustain and works extremely well with Savor the Flavor. It increases health regeneration scaling and should be used when against heroes that deal huge amounts of damage that you can Devour to reduce.
Gas Flare's area damage is not impactful enough to compete with all the utility both other talents bring to the table.
In sum, if you took Blight, heavily suggest Lacerate. If you didn't, Digestive Fluids is suggested if you took Savor the Flavor. Otherwise, take Lacerate anyway. If survivability isn't an issue and there is no high damage target that's easy to hit with Devour, skip out on Digestive Fluids in favor of Lacerate.
Fishing Hook
Hook has an additional 50% range.
Fishing Hook is a huge playmaking talent and every Stitches player should be able to use it effectively. It has a high payout if used to its full potential.
Meat Hook gives Stitches a good bit of survivability and sustain if he can continuously hit his target. The downside though is the fact that the hook target is generally a focus target and dies when hooked. This means that this talent would effectively just be similar to getting the healing effect from almost 3 regeneration globes when hitting a hook, which isn't optimal. This talent does scale with Hungry for More though and Serrated Edge helps refresh the hero you need to hit to keep the effect underway.
Pulverize is the talent you'll take if not going for Fishing Hook. The 75% slow is huge and when coupled with Lacerate and allow your team to quickly blow up an enemy team that can barely move. Additionally, it helps zone for your backline when being dove on by melee heroes.
Second Helping
Devour gains 1 additional charge. Enemy Heroes hit by Devour reduce the cooldown of Stitches's Heroic Ability by 5 seconds.
Potent Bile is not worth taking at all. Lasting 6 seconds longer and only slightly increasing the slow is not enough to justify passing up the other options on this tier.
If Gorge was the pick at level 10, then Hungry Hungry Stitches is a great talent that allows to reposition the enemy team and safely dispose of them one by one as they start coming out.
Second Helping not only serves as extra sustain with Savor the Flavor and health regeneration scaling, but also synergizes well with Digestive Juices and reduces the cooldown on your heroic. This is the most versatile talent on the tier.
On the other hand, Shambling Horror is also a viable pick on this tier. Not having your speed be reduced below 100% is great against some compositions and the extra 50 armor can prevent you from being blown up. It's worth noting that this talent also synergizes with Meat Hook, making that regeneration effect be more effective health.
Balance Patch - 01/03/19
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