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Created September 17, 2018

Owlbuddy's Go-To Alex Build

Live and Let Live
While Alexstrasza is above 75% health, Gift of Life's cooldown recharges 125% faster.
While above 75% Health, gain 15% Movement Speed.
While Alexstrasza is above 75% Health, Gift of Life creates a Lifeblossom at the target's location. Alexstrasza can collect the Lifeblossom to make her next Gift of Life cost no Health. Passive: Reduces the cost of Gift of Life to 10% of Alextrasza's current health.
Cleansing Flame
After 1.25 seconds, take to the sky and drop 5 fireballs over 6 seconds at the position of the mouse cursor. Fireballs deal 135 damage to enemies and heal allied Heroes for 300 Health. 2 seconds after dropping all fireballs, Alexstrasza lands at the position of the mouse cursor.
Life Unbound
Activate to heal an allied Hero for 15% of their maximum Health and deal 200 damage to nearby enemies. Healing a Stunned, Rooted, or Silenced ally reduces Life Unbound's cooldown by 30 seconds. Cannot be used on Alexstrasza.
Draconic Discipline
Increase Dragonqueen's duration by 6 seconds, and Basic Attack healing by 50%.
On Ruby Wings
Healing or damaging Heroes 8 or more times with Cleansing Flame activates Dragonqueen for 15 seconds upon landing.
Balance Patch - 9/4/18
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Thanks for the build! When do you take Lifebinder, if ever?