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Created June 21, 2018

Owlbuddy's Doggo Build

This is my standard Rehgar build for GM level Hero League

Wolf Run is great for rotations, escaping, and ganking. An instant cast mount is all-around a fantastic choice.

Healing Totem gives Rehgar some much needed sustain. It lets him heal up poke damage or pushing waves without expending any resources to do so. 

Cleanse is the default as you'll probably always need a cleanse. But if you don't and can get away with being an aggressive doggo, you can take Blood and Thunder.

Ancestral Healing is a very powerful point-and-click heal that can turn a fight around by saving the right person at the right time.

Lightning Shield gives a strong shield to help negate burst and buy time for Ancestral to go off. Works great on high HP tanks like Avatar Muradin and Diablo, which will get a huge shield due to their large health pools.

Earthgrasp Totem helps peel for fleeing teammates or secure kills on fleeing enemies. Hunger of the Wolf works well if you don't need the extra CC. It gives a nice DPS boost and can give Rehgar to quick spot-heal to keep him in the fight.

Storm Shield gives Rehgar a group-wide shield to help keep your team in the fight. Works well to help keep someone alive long enough for AH to go off as well.

Rehgar's healing has been nerfed to the point where you need to choose your battles wisely and make sure they don't last long. His strengths are dueling, camping, and soaking/waveclearing. He works great in comps that have heroes who are independent and don't need a pocket healer 24/7. Don't pick Rehgar into long sustain fights if you can help it.
Wolf Run
Increases the Movement Speed of Ghost Wolf from 20% to 30%. If an enemy Hero is hit by Ghost Wolf's Basic Attack, reduce its cooldown by 1 second.
Healing Totem
Activate to place a Totem that heals allied Heroes in an area for 2% of their maximum Health every second for 10 seconds.
Activate to make target ally Unstoppable for 1 second. Cannot be cast on yourself.
Ancestral Healing
After 1 second, heal an allied Hero for 1180 Health.
Earth Shield
Lightning Shield gives Heroes a Shield that absorbs damage equal to 12% of their maximum Health for 3 seconds.
Earthgrasp Totem
When Earthbind Totem is first cast, it Slows nearby enemies by 90% for 1 second.
Storm Shield
Activate to give all nearby allied Heroes a Shield for 20% of their max Health for 3 seconds.
Balance Patch - 5/22/18
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