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Created December 16, 2019

Liquid Nurok - Lili (Double Support)

Eager Adventurer
Increases the duration of Fast Feet by 125% and Mana Regeneration is increased by 125% while Fast Feet is active.
Serpent Sidekick
Each time a Cloud Serpent attacks a Hero, its duration is increased by 0.6 seconds.
take E on 4 for big boom with Water Dragon & 13 E.
Lightning Serpent
Cloud Serpent attacks bounce to 2 nearby Heroes for 50% damage.
take cleanse if needed, otherwise W
Water Dragon
Summon a Water Dragon that after a delay hits the nearest enemy Hero and all enemies near them, dealing 318 (+4% per level) damage and slowing their Movement Speed by 70% for 4 seconds.
Mass Vortex
Blinding Wind hits an additional target. If all targets hit are Heroes, they take 75% increased damage from Blinding Wind.
Blessings of Yu'lon
Cloud Serpent attacks heal its bearer for an additional 1% of their maximum life each time it attacks.
Double Dragon
After hitting a target with Water Dragon, another dragon is summoned at the point of impact.
Double Boom or Shield
Balance Patch - 11/12/19
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