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Created May 15, 2018

Liquid Nurok- Cain

Hi, thanks for checking out my build. 

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Activate to increase the Slow of the next Horadric Cube by 100% and its slow by 30%. Only 1 Gem may be active at a time.
take cube or spellpower imo, quest might be good in HL too
Potion of Shielding
Whenever an ally is healed by a Healing Potion, they gain a 122 Shield for 6 seconds
I usually take shield potion from now on, i think its better in HL to save potatoes with bad movement
Activate to increase the damage of the next Horadric Cube by 100% and have it reduce healing received of enemy Heroes by 75% for 4 seconds. Only 1 Gem may be active at a time.
all are good, highly situational. against high aggro comps, take dmg reduction / if you think you get a lot of value from heal reduction or CDR, take those.
Stay Awhile and Listen
After 1 second, Channel for 3 seconds, putting enemy Heroes in front of Deckard to Sleep while Channeling, and for 2 seconds after. Enemies can only be put to Sleep once per cast, and Sleep's effects end instantly if they take damage.
it's 90:10 ratio for me, I usually take sleep
Ancient Blessings
Activate Fortitude of the Faithful to empower nearby allied Hero Basic Attacks for 8 seconds, causing them to deal an additional 62 damage in an area and heal for 90 for each Hero hit.
broken talent
Scroll of Stone Curse
Scroll of Sealing deals 200% more damage when hitting at least 2 Heroes.
i think E dmg or the stun against tracer/genji, might get good value
Respect the Elderly
Stay Awhile and Listen Silences and Blinds enemies for 3 seconds upon waking up from Sleep.
situational, in HL i usually take the sleep upgrade. If i have at least one gem talent, I consider taking the cube.
Balance Patch - 5/9/18
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