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Created March 14, 2018

Nubkeks Fav Maiev Build

Pursuit of Vengeance
Each Hero tethered by Umbral Bind reduces the cooldown of Spirit of Vengeance by 2.5 seconds and each Hero hit by Spirit of Vengeance reduces the cooldown of Umbral Bind by 1 second.
Blade Dance
Using Fan of Knives deals 50 Physical Damage to enemies around Maiev.
Elune's Wrath
Hitting at least 2 Heroes with a single Fan of Knives causes the next Fan of Knives to drop a star on targets that deals 77 damage when it impacts.
Warden's Cage
Summon 8 Warden Avatars as a cage around Maiev. After 1.5 seconds, enemy Heroes that come in contact with an Avatar consume it and are knocked to the center of the cage. Warden Avatars last 5 seconds.
Shadow Armor
Blink grants 20 Armor for 3.5 seconds. Maiev's Basic Attacks against enemy Heroes refresh this duration.
Armored Assault
While Maiev has positive Armor of any kind, all Physical Damage dealt is increased by 25%.
Shadow Orb: Vengeance
Activate to reset the cooldown of Spirit of Vengeance. Recharge Shadow Orb by damaging enemy Heroes with Spirit of Vengeance 5 times.
Balance Patch - 2/21/18
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