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Created March 14, 2017

Nintorii's Lucio

Moderate damage output and outstanding late game heals.
Wall Ride's Movement Speed bonus gradually increases to 40% over 4 seconds while Lucio maintains its effect.
Off the Wall
If you hit an enemy Hero while you have the Wall Riding Movement Speed bonus, reduce the cooldown by 3 seconds.
Party Mix
Quest: Support allies with your aura for a total of 8 minutes (supporting multiple allies rewards more time). Reward: Increase its radius by 20%.
Boombox if you won't be able to finish Party Mix before level 16. Good for scouting too
Reverse Amp
Blast Lucio's Crossfade track at enemy Heroes for 4 seconds, causing Healing Boost to inflict 104 damage per second and Speed Boost to slow for 45%. Passive: Increase Amp It Up’s duration to 4 seconds.
Sound Barrier against burst ultimates (Dragonblade, Lightning Breath, Tormented Souls...)
Can't Stop, Won't Stop
You cannot be slowed or rooted while you have the Wall Riding Movement Speed bonus.
Hard Style if the enemy team doesn't have any slows or roots
While Amp It Up is active, Crossfade’s Healing Boost heals for an additional 2.5% of the target’s maximum health per second.
Using Crossfade while Amp It Up is active resets the duration of Amp It Up back to its max duration. This can only occur once per cast.
Balance Update - 2/27/17
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