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Created February 6, 2019

alex aram

please god never take e build
Circle of Life
Collect Regeneration Globes. Reward: After collecting 15 Regeneration Globes, Abundence heals for an additonal 5% maximum health. Reward: After collecting 25, Abundence's healing burst creates a Regeneration Globe.
Surge of Vitality
Abundance's healing burst grants allied Heroes 30% Movement Speed for 3 seconds.
Verdant Flourish
Alexstrasza receives 30% more healing from Abundance and 100% more healing from Regeneration Globes.
Bind Alexstrasa's life force with an allied Hero. Both her and her target are healed for 480 over 2 seconds. Afterwards, the Hero with a lower percentage of Health is healed to the same Health percentage as the other Hero.
take cleansing flame if you have to counter a big wombo combo
Activate to Slow and reduce an enemy Hero's damage by 50% for 3 seconds. Healing a Stunned, Silenced, or Rooted ally reduces Pacify's cooldown by 30 seconds.
Draconic Discipline
Increase Dragonqueen's duration by 7 seconds.
Ritual of Life
Life-Binder activates 3 times over 6 seconds.
Balance Patch - 01/03/19
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