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Created March 13, 2019

WQ and Island Expeditions

I like these talents so that any time I engage a fight I can almost always perform my most basic combos, depending on which bomb I have ready from Wildfire Infusion. The double Kill Command means I can almost always have one to build Focus and having 2 bombs helps with AoE pulls and I can cycle through more readily for the one I need at any time. This may not be optimal DPS build for raiding or anything, but its a fun engaging build that makes you think out what you need to do next to fill time until your CDs come back. 
Launch biomass that hits the first enemy Hero dealing 200 damage, revealing, Silencing, and Slowing them 30% for 3 seconds. Additionally, their vision radius is greatly reduced for 6 seconds.
After 4 seconds, heal for 100% of the damage Dehaka took over this period.
Elongated Tongue
Increase Drag range by 20%.
Tunneling Claws
Dehaka can move while Burrowed.
Essence Claws
Dehaka's Basic Attacks slow the target by 20% for 1 second. If the target is a Hero, Dehaka gains 5 Essence.
Soul Feast
Black Soulstone increases Diablo's Health Regeneration by 0.4 per second per Soul.
Speed Demon
Being Stunned or Rooted increases Diablo's Movement Speed by 30% for 5 seconds.
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