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Created April 14, 2021


Mit diesem Build kannst du dich bei den Gegnern ordentlich einschleimen.
Egg Hunt
Activate to place a fake Egg. If the fake Egg dies, it casts an untalented Slime. Maximum of 3 fake Eggs. Passive: Spawning from his Eggs grants Murky Stealth for 5 seconds.
Slime Time
Quest: Slime enemy Heroes that are already Slimed. Reward: After Sliming 10 Heroes, increase Slime's bonus damage by 125. Reward: After Sliming 20 Heroes, increase Slime's slow amount to 30%.
Black Lagoon
Increase Slime's radius by 30%.
March of the Murlocs
After 0.75 seconds, Murky commands a legion of Murlocs to march in a target direction, each one leaping onto the first enemy Hero or Structure they find. Each Murloc deals 125 damage and slows its target by 15% for 5 sceonds. Murlocs deal 50% damage to Structures.
Rejuvenating Bubble
Safety Bubble restores 40% of Murky's maximum Health.
Fish Oil
The Pufferfish casts Slime at its location upon landing.
Making Inky
Reduces the cooldown of Slime from 4 seconds to 2 seconds.
Balance Patch - 11/4/2020
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