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Created April 14, 2021


Mit diesem Build kannst du gut mit Schneebällen werfen. Du Unterstützt dein Team, indem du gegnerische Gebäude ausschaltest und die Feinde blendest.
Heavy Pack
Increases the duration of Snow Blind's Slow by 1.5 seconds. Each time Blizzard damages an enemy Hero, reduce the cooldown of Snow Blind by 0.5 seconds and gain 3 Mana.
Snow Blind deals 75% increased damage and Structures hit are disabled for 3 seconds.
Backup Battery
Activate to remove all Roots and Slows and regenerate 20% of maximum Health over 2 seconds. The cooldown of this ability is reduced by 10 seconds each time Mei picks up a Regeneration Globe.
After 0.5 seconds, roll a massive snowball that consumes enemy Heroes in its path. At the end of its path, the snowball crumbles, releasing the consumed Heroes, dealing 220 damage and Stunning them for 0.5 seconds per Hero consumed.
Polar Vortex
Using an ability causes Mei to deal 24 damage a second to nearby enemies for 4 seconds. Enemy Heroes damaged by this effect also have their Movement Speed and Attack Speed Slowed by 20%.
Fresh Powder
Snow Blind gains an additional charge and its range is increased by 33%.
The Big One
Every 15 seconds, your next Snow Blind you cast has 67% increased area and 200% increased damage.
Balance Patch - 11/4/2020
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