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Created March 12, 2018


My original thoughts on blaze were not very far off from where he has ended up by throughout my time playing him his strength is through his ability to engage with oil + charge and his ability to save teamates with bunker.

The main point of the build is clearing waves at insane speed. Do this often as almost no heroes can double soak as well.
Neural Stimpack
Activate to gain 40 Mana and cause Basic Ability cooldowns to recharge 100% faster for 5 seconds.
Oil Dispersal
Increase Oil Spill's area by 20%. Each enemy Hero hit by Flame Stream reduces the cooldown of Oil Spill by 0.75 seconds and refunds 5 Mana.
Mini Slowing Sands!
Grill and Kill
Increase Ignited Oil Spill damage by 45%. Quest: Damage enemy Heroes with Ignited Oil Spills 30 times. Reward: Increase Oil Spill's Ignite duration by 2.5 seconds.
If you plan on playing PvE on sky temple incen because you will never get quest done, otherwise grill n kill for trading into melee heroes in lane and allowing you to auto without igning oil
Bunker Drop
After 0.5 seconds, deploy and enter a Bunker with 1435 Health. Blaze and his allies can enter and exit the Bunker at will. While in the Bunker, occupants gain access to Flamethrower, dealing 170 damage to enemies in a line. Exiting the Bunker grants 25 Armor for 2 seconds. Bunkers last 10 seconds, or until destroyed.
Fuel Leak
Jet Propulsion creates Oil Spills along Blaze's path. If Jet Propulsion impacts an enemy Hero, an additional Oil Spill is created underneath them.
Can tech but not recommended.
Thermal Protection
Each enemy hit by Jet Propulsion grants to 10 Armor for 3 seconds and reduces its cooldown by 1.25 seconds.
Fortified Bunker
Occupants can cast Oil Spill from Bunker Drop every 6 seconds. Additionally, Bunker Drop's Armor bonus exiting is increased by 25, and its duration by 1 second.
Balance Patch - 2/21/18
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