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Created January 5, 2018

McIntyre's First Impression Bruiser/Tank Blaze Build

Hard to really tell you where I'm at when it comes to if Blaze is a solo tank hero or not. While I think he can do it he is much stronger at peeling and counter engaging all in effects then diving in and targeting heroes that are hidden and behind their frontline. Much like Arthas he is able to provide a difficult frontline to get around and can find picks/engages on the enemy team with hard flanks and sneaky position. If you do find yourself getting on the enemy malfurion, good luck to him!

This is the current build I've been trying
Adrenaline Stimpack
Passive: While over 80% Health, gain 25% bonus Attack Speed and 10% bonus Movement Speed. Activate to gain 100% Attack Speed and 25% Movement Speed for 5 seconds.
I really enjoy the movement speed for escaping and bodyblocking, however the CDR can also be very effective
Adhesive Petroleum
Enemies standing in Oil Spill when it is Ignited are Slowed by 40% and take 35% more Basic Attack damage from Blaze for 3 seconds. Additionally, Basic Attack splashes Ignite Oil Spills.
Great for an engage, I like to oil spill, charge, and at the tail end q to burn giving me an extra 2.5sec slow on the target I'm chasing,
Grill and Kill
Increase Ignited Oil Spill damage by 45%. Quest: Damage enemy Heroes with Ignited Oil Spills 30 times. Reward: Increase Oil Spill's Ignite duration by 2.5 seconds.
Longer burn, longer regen, longer damage, and more damage? Hard for me to go any other way.
Channel for up to 2.6 seconds. Upon ending, Slow nearby enemies by 60% and deal 55 damage to them every 0.5 seconds. Combustion's Slow and damage over time duration is extend the longer Blaze Channels, from 1 second up to 5 seconds. Blaze's Movement Speed is reduced by 40% while Channeling.
As solo tank combustion is your tool to stop the enemy engage, when they come in on, oil spill, channel, then charge right after you drop it as the slow will allow for easy landing

If the other team has big bodies/heavy dive Bunker can be insane to protect from dive and block escapes just like holy ground (bunker heroes off boss point)
Fuel Leak
Jet Propulsion creates Oil Spills along Blaze's path. If Jet Propulsion impacts an enemy Hero, an additional Oil Spill is created underneath them.
Fuel leak is typically the best as it keeps your health regen going while allowing you to w offensively, however the attack speed can be super powerful vs illidan/butcher
Thermal Protection
Each enemy hit by Jet Propulsion grants to 10 Armor for 3 seconds and reduces its cooldown by 1.25 seconds.
Solo tank I believe going heal passive is the way to go, however if you are offtank and go attack speed/ms the charge cdr is nutty and keeps the pressure up on the enemy,

Tech spellshield to counter 1 shot and mages
Burn Notice
Basic Attacks Slow enemies by 5% and deal an additional 18 damage over 2.5 seconds. Stacks up to 5 times.
Powerspike with atk speed 1, allows you to stick on whoever you engage on. All 20s seem strong but this one allows you to stick.
PTR Balance Patch - 1/2/17
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