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Created September 10, 2017

McIntyre's "Competitive" Vikings Build - Split/AFK/WIN

Yeah I don't really have much to say about this hero, split them up, soak xp, hope your team wins in the 4 man. Your teamfight impact is low, but your map pressure is high. This is why we tend to see these guys on maps where split soaking can be valuable like cursed/garden where if you stay ahead in XP your team will win in the late game.
Viking Bribery
Enemy Minions or captured Mercenaries killed near your Hero grant you stacks of Viking Bribery. Use 40 stacks to bribe target Mercenary, instantly defeating them. Does not work on Bosses. Maximum stacks available: 100.
Erik the Swift
Permanently increases Erik's base Movement Speed by 10%, and as long as Erik is moving he heals 34 Health per second.
Spin To Win!
Activate to have each Viking deal 85 damage to nearby enemies. Deals double damage against enemy Heroes.
Play Again!
Summon, fully heal, and revive all Lost Vikings at target location after a Viking channels for 2 seconds. Only one Viking may attempt to summon at a time.
Makes all Vikings Invulnerable and able to pass over enemies for 1.5 seconds.
Large and In Charge
When Olaf charges enemies, they are stunned for 1 second.
The best talent on this hero, I like to put my olaf with my team in the late game just to engage for them with olaf and summon my vikings if I need to
Fury of the Storm
Every 5 seconds, your next Basic Attack will deal an additional 41 damage to the target, and 105 damage to all nearby Minions and Mercenaries. Each Viking has their own cooldown.
Balance Patch - 8/8/17
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