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Created September 10, 2017

McIntyre's Competitive Stitches Build - WWE Slamfest

Stitches showed up all of the sudden and conquered the meta but that was very short lived. His ability to wave clear and apply pressure with his slam was what caused such domination and while he hadn't been picked often before this starting happening everyone forgot how to play against him. With that said the meta has shifted to defend your team from getting picked thus pushing Stitches back out of the meta with his kit being based around his hook and poke abilities. With that said I do believe he can still be powerful with his slam poke and big frontline body and does a decent job of peeling for his backline

This build is pretty default with little to no tech talents
Heavy Slam
Slam damage increased by 40%.
Putrid Ground
Enemies hit by Slam are infected with Vile Gas.
Toxic Gas
Increases Vile Gas radius by 102.5% and the duration of the effect by 1 second.
Consume an enemy Hero, trapping them for 4 seconds. When Gorge ends, the enemy Hero takes 285 (+4% per level) damage. The trapped Hero cannot move or act and doesn't take damage from other sources. Cannot be used on massive Heroes.
If you need more peel as the other team chases you (arthas) bile is great here, however if you want to get a pick or take someone out of the fight (genji dblade) gorge is best
Mega Smash
Range and arc of Slam increased by 25%.
Tech Talent: Flea Bag can be taken against 3+ heroes with CC to continue to spam your W/E in a teamfight
Decreases Slam's cooldown by 2 seconds and it also slows enemies by 75% for 1 second.
Hardened Shield
Activate to reduce damage taken by 75% for 4 seconds.
Hardened to make it so even if the other team does find a way to get to you, you can tank them for several seconds before going down
Balance Patch - 8/8/17
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