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Created September 5, 2017

McIntyre's Competitive Kharazim Build

This build is based around creating your own pressure from your iron fist talent to both generate a threat of yourself and threaten the enemy away from hitting your teammates. Block totem at 4 is great for when a teamfight happens, and we take the extra dash at 7 for both early game pressure for chasing and escaping and to pair with our strong 16 talent choices.

Tech Talents:

Level 4 I think air ally can be powerful against stealth heroes or if the other team has no auto attackers (mages)

Level 10 If your team is very sustainable or you are in a double support 7 sided strike can be OP 

Level 13 Relentless is really good vs heavy auto comps, spellshield can be powerful vs heavy 1 shot comps very comp dependent choices 

Level 16 If you need to be cleansing your team from getting 1 shot cleansing touch is strong here

Level 20 If you can dive the backline without much contest I like epiphany here paired with hundred fist to solo kill backline heroes like Valla
Iron Fists
Every 3rd Basic Attack deals 110% bonus damage and gives 25% increased Move Speed for 2.5 seconds.
Earth Ally
Place an Earth Ally that grants nearby allied Heroes 50 Physical Armor against Heroic Basic Attacks, reducing damage taken by 50%. Has 400 Health and lasts 10 seconds. Kharazim can Radiant Dash to Earth Allies.
Blinding Speed
Decreases Radiant Dash's cooldown by 2 seconds and increases the maximum number of charges by 1.
Divine Palm
Protect an allied Hero from death, causing them to be healed for 1200 if they take fatal damage in the next 3 seconds.
Radiant Dashing to an ally gives Kharazim and the target 30% bonus Movement Speed for 3 seconds.
Way of the Hundred Fists
Radiant Dashing to an enemy launches a rapid volley of 6 Basic Attacks dealing 45% damage each.
Storm Shield
Activate to give all nearby allied Heroes a Shield for 20% of their max Health for 3 seconds.
Balance Patch - 8/8/17
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