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Created March 14, 2018

McIntyre's Competitive Illidan Build - V2

While I don't think that Illidan is the strongest hero in the current meta due to low health pool and low CC if you plan on taking him the best build is built around holding your ground and fighting once you hunt in.
Battered Assault
IIncrease Sweeping Strike's Basic Attack damage bonus duration from 3 to 5 seconds. If Sweeping Strike hits 2 Heroes its damage bonus is increased from 35% to 125%.
Friend or Foe
Increases the range of Dive by 20% and allows it to be used to dive to allied Heroes.
Thirsting Blade
Betrayer's Thirt's healing from Basic Attacks is increased from 30% to 50% while Sweeping Strike's damage bonus is active.
Pairs nicely with battered.
The Hunt
Charge to target unit, dealing 251 damage on impact and stunning for 1 second.
Nimble Defender
If Sweeping Strikes hits an enemy Hero, gain 25 Armor for 2 seconds, reducing damage taken by 25%.
Can take elusive if vs heavy auto, or Sense if vs heavy mage, otherwise nimble is usually the best.
Blades of Azzinoth
Hitting 5 Heroes with Sweeping Strike allows Blades of Azzinoth to be activated, increasing Basic Attack damage by 75% for 8 seconds.
Nowhere to Hide
The Hunt gains unlimited range. Illidan passively reveals enemy Heroes below 25% Health anywhere on the Battleground.
Can use this to global push or global away. Remember you can hunt to minions to escape ganks as well.
Balance Patch - 2/21/18
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