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Created March 14, 2018

McIntyre's Competitive Genji Build - V2

OP hero, after the change to dragonblade this guy is blade as more of a poke assassin and less as a all in hero. Find your windows to engage and get damage in when you can.
Swift as the Wind
Hitting an enemy Hero with Swift Strike increases Genji's Movement Speed by 30% for 3 seconds.
Can go D here and D at 7 if the enemy has low CC to punish you jumping in.
Shuriken Mastery
Quest: Hit enemy Heroes with Shuriken. Reward: After hitting 35 Heroes, Shuriken damage is increased by 25. Reward: After hitting 75 Heroes, Cyber Agility now refunds 2 charges of Shuriken.
Augmented Guard
When Deflect ends, Genji gains a Shield equal to 75% of the damage blocked for 4 seconds.
Perform two slashes dealing 145 damage. The slashes detonate after 1.25 seconds causing an additional 290 damage to enemies in their area.
Hitting an enemy with all 3 Shuriken deals 120 bonus damage.
Final Cut
After 1 second, Swift Strike deals an additional 130 damage to all enemies in the area.
Living Weapon
Each enemy Hero hit by X-Strike reduces its cooldown by 12 seconds.
Balance Patch - 2/21/18
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