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Created March 14, 2018

McIntyre's Competitive Dva Build - V2

Great at zoning and creating pressure off the fact that you can not focus her. Great at eating damage and winning channel objectives like Sky and Infernal
Hit The Nitrous
Initial speed of Boosters increased to 325%, then decays to normal speed over 0.5 seconds. During this time Boosters deals 50% bonus damage.
Bring It On
Self-Destruct's Charge amount gained from losing Mech Health increased by 30%.
super important. faster charge the only talent this is a must
Dazer Zone
Enemy Heroes affected by Defense Matrix are Slowed by 20%.
Big Shot
Requires Pilot Mode. Deal 250 damage to all enemies in a line. Call Mech’s cooldown is reduced by 8 seconds for each enemy Hero hit.
Emergency Shielding
When D.Va's Mech would be destroyed, instead gain an X point shield for 6 seconds. This has a 15 second cooldown.
Tech if against tracer or low dmg heroes with abalative
Torpedo Dash
D.Va gains the Torpedo Dash ability, allowing her to dash forward and pass through enemies. Requires Pilot Mode.
Pew! Pew! Pew!
Instead of a single shot, Big Shot fires 3 shots over 0.5 seconds. Each shot deals 50% reduced damage.
Balance Patch - 2/21/18
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