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Created March 13, 2018

McIntyre's Competitive Cassia Build - V2

Great vs heavy melee comps or clumped teams. Also very strong vs heroes like tracer/greymane as most of their damage comes from autos. 
Quest: Hit Heroes with Lightning Fury. Reward: After hitting 20 Heroes, increase Lightning Fury's damage by 100. Reward: After hitting 40 Heroes, Lightning Fury gains a 2nd charge and its Mana cost is reduced from 30 to 15.
Charged if the other team is clumped, Q otherwise.
Inner Light
Whenever Cassia is Stunned or Rooted, Blinding Light is cast at her location. This effect has a 6 second cooldown. Passive: Blinding Light's radius is increased by 25%.
Inner light can be insane value vs heroes that dive or knock you around (butcher) if fights seem like they will go long take leech but in most cases your support should keep you alive and procing your passive multiple times in a fight can be value
Surge of Light
After taking 500 damage with Avoidance active, Cassia can activate Avoidance to deal 210damage to enemies around her.
Ball Lightning
Throw a ball of lightning at an enemy Hero that bounces up to 6 times between nearby enemy Heroes and Cassia, dealing 180 damage to enemies hit.
Valk OP vs ETC to stop mosh or to get picks, ball for hypercarry cassia
Thundergod's Vigor
Enemy Heroes hit by the primary missile of Lightning Fury reduce its cooldown by 1 second.
The primary missile of Lightning Fury now pierces, but splits only when hitting Heroes.
Titan's Revenge
Cassia's Basic Attacks now ignore Armor, and her Basic Attack range is increased by 2.
Balance Patch - 2/21/18
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