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Created September 26, 2017

McIntyre's Competitive Ana Build - Time to Nap

While this hero is still fairly new and this build may change I like the synergy between the talents chosen and believe that her sleep ability is what makes her so much more powerful than she comes off as. This build focuses on that ability and it's strengths
Piercing Darts
Quest: Hit Heroes with Sleep Dart. Reward: After hitting 10 Heroes, Sleep Dart now hits 2 Heroes and its range is increased by 25%. Reward: After hitting 20 Heroes, Healing Dart now hits 2 Heroes and its range is increased by 25%.
The bread and butter of the build, allowing for increased ranged and piercing allows for almost little Zeratul VP's in teamfight if your team plays around it correctly. Always provides crazy peel for yourself when getting dove. Also pierce heal OP
Sleep Dart applies 4 Doses. While Aim Down Sights is active, Sleep Dart pierces all enemy Heroes.
If you plan on hitting your dart and sleep often this helps to apply stacks which will provide more healing later in the talent tree and damage
Debilitating Dart
Activate to fire a dart which Slows the Movement Speed and reduces the damage dealt by the first enemy Hero it hits by 50% for 4 seconds. If no Heroes are hit reduce this cooldown by 8 seconds.
Tech Talent Tier: While I think the shrink ray dart is the most powerful because it's on it's own active the other two can be powerful if you have the right targets. The Spell Power v Casters is very powerful as your passive will be on all targets, Blind Vs Illidan can be good if you are getting dove heavy
Nano Boost
Instantly boost an allied Hero, restoring 200 Mana. For the next 8 seconds, they gain 30% Spell Power and their Basic Ability cooldowns recharge 150% faster. Cannot be used on Ana.
I find the mana and CDR from this to be very powerful in teamfights on pretty much any hero. Heroe's like Jaina, Greymane, even Valla can all use this to some effect.
Speed Serum
Healing Dart grants 25% Movement Speed to affected Heroes for 2 seconds.
Tech Talent #2 : While the movespeed is pretty much always amazing, against heroes like ETC removing CC can be insane to mess up the 1 shot, and against heroes like Arthas/Xul the root cleanse can be powerful too. Otherwise MS
Concentrated Doses
Increase Healing Dart's healing by 12% for each Dose active on enemy Heroes.
Considering you will be applying your passive through your sleep and grenade this will increase your healing on Q for both your primary and secondary target with the pierce. The scaling is real
Somnolent Doses
Upon stacking 5 Doses, Heroes are put to Sleep for 2 seconds.
Really powerful for self peel, it's possible to grenade, auto 3 times to sleep, then resleep with dart. That's both alot of time for them to be dotted and for your team to setup, or to escape. Just overall a powerful talent.
Balance Patch - 9/20/17
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