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Created October 17, 2017

McIntyre - New ZuljinDGAF

Kinda like a honeybadger new ZJ basically always trades up, if you damage him, he kills you. This is the build I've had the most success with. Combo is Entangle, Rage, R + W + Q = 1 Shot
While Zul'Jin is below 75% Health, his Basic Attack damage and Spell Power is increased by 10%. While he is below 50% Health, he gains 20% Spell Power and Attack damage.
Amani Hide
Lower the cooldown of Amani Rage by 10 seconds and gain 15 Armor while you are regenerating Health from it.
Arcanite Axes
Quest: Twin Cleave's damage is permanently increased by 0.75 every time it hits a Hero.
Zul'jin launches a massive axe into the air that drops on the targeted area, dealing 330 damage plus bonus damage the lower his Health is.
Throw a net forward, rooting the first enemy hit for 1.5 seconds.
Wrong Place Wrong Time
If an enemy is hit by both Twin Cleave axes at the same time, they take an additional 100 damage and count as 5 Hero hits for You Want Axe?.
After impact, the Guillotine continues forward, dealing 75% damage to enemies hit. If a Hero is killed by Guillotine, Zul'jin is instantly healed to full.
Balance Patch - 10/11/17
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