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Created December 12, 2017

McIntyre Competitive Hanzo Build + Gameplay - From DOWWWWWNNN TOWWWNNN

After playing PTR and Hanzo for over 2 weeks this is the build I've had the most success with. I think the Q talent is very powerful and feels impactful when landing over and over. Unlike the auto attack talent this also puts Hanzo at almost no risk to damage the enemy team. Scattershot is to unreliable thus we choose to stay away from those talents.

Gameplay Video up Soon!
Target Practice
Quest: Hit every enemy Hero with Storm Bow. Reward: After hitting every enemy Hero once with Storm Bow, its range is increased by 30%. Reward: After hitting every enemy Hero 3 times with Storm Bow, its damage is increased by 100.
Explosive Arrows
Upon hitting a Minion or Monster, Storm Bow deals 60% of its damage to enemies around its target.
Never Outmatched
Reduce Scatter Arrow's Mana cost from 50 to 30. Basic Attacks against enemy Heroes lower the cooldown of Scatter Arrow by 3 seconds.
Vision/waveclear spam off cooldown
Dragon's Arrow
Fire a missile that travels across the battleground. Explodes upon hitting an enemy Hero, dealing 130 damage to all nearby enemies and Stunning them for 0.5 seconds. After traveling a medium distance, the damage is increased to 260 and the Stun duration to 1.25 seconds. After traveling a long distance, the damage is increased to 390 and the Stun duration to 2 seconds.
Ninja Assassin
Hitting Heroes with Storm Bow lowers Natural Agility's cooldown by 10 seconds. Additionally, Hero Takedowns reset Natural Agility's cooldown.
Make a play, jump a wall, hit an arrow, jump back over wall
Piercing Arrows
Storm Bow and Scatter Arrow pierce, hitting an additional enemy. Additionally, Scatter Arrow can pierce through 1 enemy each time it ricochets.
Pierce walls! OP
Sharpened Arrowheads
Hitting a Hero with Storm Bow or Basic Attacks reduces their Armor by 3 for 3 seconds, up to a maximum reduction of 20 Armor.
Tech Talent: Bullseye is really good in heavy CC comps, I will say I think play of the game is a trap talent and puts you in an awkward position lots of the time.
Balance Patch - 11/29/17
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Any heroes you think he synergies with really well? been running him mostly in QM but thinking about bringing out the Q in HL