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Created January 12, 2018

McIntyre - Competitive Garrosh Build 2.0

While garrosh build hasn't changed much at all, his playstyle has changed and because of it we are talenting into the 13 shield. Most engages now will be - Throw target max range, Q at max range to follow up on your throw, then have team follow that up. You can also taunt, Throw, Q to have over 2.5 seconds of CC on a single target. 

THE BIGGEST THING, look to throw first always. You can hide in brushes or mount towards someone and get the throw, people still fall for the throw so the hero isn't totally dead because of this change. If anything you can get free farm in HL now that people have forgotten how to play vs this guy.
Unrivaled Strength
Increase Wrecking Ball’s throw range by 25% and its damage by 125%.
Activate to become Unstoppable for 1.5 seconds.
Tech - Thirst is really strong here if you don't need the unstoppable but when aren't you wanting to self cleanse yourself in this game?
Lok-tar ogar!
Increase Into the Fray's Armor by 20. Hitting enemy Heroes with Into the Fray reduces its cooldown by 12 seconds.
Warlord's Challenge
Silence nearby Heroes and force them to attack Garrosh for 2 seconds.
Defensive Measures
If Groundbreaker Stuns a Hero, Garrosh a 350 Shield for 6 seconds.
Wrecking Ball Stuns enemies near the impact area for 0.5 seconds.
Titanic Might
Wrecking Ball now throws the 2 closest enemies.
Balance Patch - 1/9/17
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