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Created February 7, 2018

Competitive Standard Maiev - The Melee Carry

When I first started playing this hero I thought she was all based around landing her Q and dealing essentially magic damage with your spells but the more I've played her the more I realize her strength comes from her auto attack power and he ability to duel in skirmishes or all ins. With this build you will be focused on getting off auto attacks, making sure to Q when you hit two people, and using both your E/D to dodge and evade dangerous skills and heroics.

Hoping to get a blog out for this hero after I play her more but for now need some more reps on her.
Naisha's Memento
Activate to make primary Basic Attacks bounce between nearby enemies up to 2 times. Lasts 8 seconds. Recharge Naisha's Memento by hitting at least 2 Heroes with a single Fan of Knives.
The bread and butter, hit this, attack from line, kill back line. Seems good, hitting two q's means you maintain this so that's why it is so important.
Blade Dance
Using Fan of Knives deals 50 Physical Damage to enemies around Maiev.
Tough talent choice, I like blade dance for it's ability to waveclear and push waves but all 3 talents can be taken here.
Bonds of Corruption
Enemy Heroes pulled by Umbral Bind have their Armor reduced by 15 and are Slowed by 25% for 3 seconds.
Marking a target seems really powerful as you can hit higher on frontline and still splash with your high damage attacks to the backline. Your W is what threatens kills and pressures the enemy to respond
Containment Disc
Throw a glaive in the target direction. If an enemy Hero is hit, Containment Disc can be reactivated to remove their vision and Time Stop them for 4 seconds. Leaving Containment Silences the enemy Hero for 1.5 seconds. Containment Disc automatically activates 6 seconds after hitting a Hero.
I like this more because I enjoy being able to cocoon and set up kills when we engage
Bladed Armor
Each enemy Hero hit by Fan of Knives grants 5 Armor for 5 seconds, up to 20 Armor.
1 Q and you will proc your 16 talent, doesn't even require resets. As long as you spam it off cooldown you will maintain 20% armor. Overall the most powerful
Armored Assault
While Maiev has positive Armor of any kind, all Physical Damage dealt is increased by 25%.
Stronger autos, more splash, more kills
Shadow Orb: Huntress
Activate to increase Movement Speed and Attack Speed by 40% for 5 seconds. Recharge Shadow Orb by dealing Physical Damage to enemy Heroes 10 times.
Sticking with the auto attack theme, faster MS and AS means more damage being put out. Also gives you the ability to kite and run down enemies if you need to.
Balance Patch - 2/6/18
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I would really like a walkthrough on this hero. I struggle with knowing which ult to take when, and avoiding damage while trying to set up kills with W. Your Malthael walkthrough helped me immediately on Towers and other maps so I would really like a similar walkthrough on this hero, now you have had some time to get used to her.