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Created September 1, 2017

Competitive Standard Cho

Just put lots of pressure on the enemy team with bomb spam, look to waveclear and scale with your gal's bomb talents.
Fuel for the Flame
Basic Attacks against enemies cause them to explode, dealing 21 damage to them and 45 damage to nearby enemies. This damage is doubled against enemy Heroes.
Rune Bomb rolls back to Cho, damaging enemies in its path.
Basic Attacks against ignited Heroes decreases the cooldown of Consuming Blaze by 1 second. Passive: Reduce the cooldown of Consuming Blaze by 3 seconds.
Hammer of Twilight
Activate to swing the Hammer of Twilight, dealing 150 damage, pushing enemies away, and stunning them for 0.75 seconds. Passive: Cho's Basic Attacks deal 25% increased damage.
Runic Feedback
Gall's Runic Blast reduces Cho's Rune Bomb cooldown by 1 second per enemy hit, and 2 seconds for each Hero hit.
Surging Dash
While channeling Surging Fist, Cho heals for 150 Health per second.
C'thun's Gift
Cho's Basic Attack becomes ranged and Slows targets by 20% for 2 seconds.
Balance Patch - 8/8/17
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