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Created September 1, 2017

Beetle Build - Meme/ok for solo lane

This build I would only suggest against a liming/other heroes with lots of skillshots

Can do pretty good in the solo lane because of the massive amount of beetles generated and does well against weak push
Resilient Scarabs
Beetles have 50 Spell Armor.
Legion of Beetles
Beetles have 30 Spell Armour. Automatically spawn a Beetle every 12 seconds. Can be toggled on and off.
Leeching Scarabs
Beetles gain 30% bonus attack damage and they heal Anub'arak for 50% of their damage with each attack if he is nearby.
Locust Swarm
Deal 68 damage per second to nearby enemies. Each enemy damaged restores 24 Health. Lasts 6 seconds.
Burning Rage
Deal 23 damage per second to nearby enemies.
Beetle, Juiced
Passive: Beetles gain 30% increased Health. Every 4th Basic Attack spawns a Beetle.
Hive Master
Gains a permanent Vampire Locust that attacks a nearby enemy every 3 seconds. The Vampire Locust deals 165 damage and returns to heal Anub'arak for 80 health.
Balance Patch - 8/8/17
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