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Created September 4, 2018

HGC 2018 Phase 2 Yrel (78% Involvement)

After an initially awkward growth stage, Yrel has emerged as the premier solo laner, thank in large part to her Level 1 talent Maraad's Insight. Aggressive full E builds with Repentance at Level 13 have been very popular, but more burst-heavy options like Velen's Chosen and Templar's Verdict have become more popular recently. Holy Wrath still remains a very powerful option for insta-clearing in the late game. More stats, builds, and drafts on MasterLeague.net.
Maraad’s Insight
After hitting an enemy Hero with a Basic Ability, Yrel’s next Basic Attack heals her for 128.
Aegis of Light
Upon landing, Avenging Wrath grants other nearby allied Heroes 25 Armor for 4 seconds.
Holy Avenger
Hitting an enemy Hero with Avenging Wrath at maximum charge deals 25% more damage and reduces its cooldown to 1 second.
Ardent Defender
Surround Yrel in a barrier for 3 seconds, absorbing all damage taken and healing her for 50% of the damage received.
Velen’s Chosen
Hitting an enemy Hero with a Basic Ability at maximum charge grants 10% Spell Power for 10 seconds, up to 30%.
Templar’s Verdict
Righteous Hammer reduces the Armor of enemy Heroes hit by 20 for 4 seconds and deals damage equal to 7% of enemy Heroes Maximum Health.
Activate to become Unstoppable for 2 seconds.
Ballance Patch - 8/22/18
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