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Created September 3, 2018

Lupus Yrel

I pretty much exclusively pick Yrel on Dragon Shire now since her ability to jump over the wall to control the point and catch soak is almost just a free win in lane.
Maraad’s Insight
After hitting an enemy Hero with a Basic Ability, Yrel’s next Basic Attack heals her for 128.
This talent is still the best after the nerf. It's just not as oppressive as it used to be.
Aegis of Light
Upon landing, Avenging Wrath grants other nearby allied Heroes 25 Armor for 4 seconds.
Divine Steed
Mounting is instant and grants 60% Movement Speed that decays over 3 seconds.
Gives you another way to rotate out of the shrine area
Ardent Defender
Surround Yrel in a barrier for 3 seconds, absorbing all damage taken and healing her for 50% of the damage received.
Velen’s Chosen
Hitting an enemy Hero with a Basic Ability at maximum charge grants 10% Spell Power for 10 seconds, up to 30%.
Velen's chosen is good in a lot of scenarios. It's more damage on everything and more healing from your Q.
Holy Wrath
After casting a Basic Ability, Yrel’s next Basic Attack splashes for 20% increased damage around the target.
Splashing autos is good for double soaking and just fast clearing waves late game. If the other team has heavy frontline making it hard for you to get to their backliners without dying then then Templar's Verdict is the pick here. The ability doesn't have to be fully charged to get the damage and armor reduction so you can just double press W to get it out there ASAP.
Activate to become Unstoppable for 2 seconds.
You are now Johanna
Ballance Patch - 8/22/18
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