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Created January 4, 2019

Lupus Fenix Build

So I think the only real time you should pick Fenix is to be your off-laner on Braxis. Fenix has been hit really hard by all the nerfs but he's still a really solid solo laner.
Mobile Offensive
After moving, Fenix's next Basic Attack deals 35% more damage to Heroes.
Allows you to trade up really easily on enemy heroes.
Emergency Protocol
When Shield Capacitor's Shield becomes depleted, gain 25% Movement Speed for 5 seconds.
I pick this to survive ganks or situations where you go in to secure a kill. Let's you weasel your way out of a lot of situations. If you aren't drawing a lot of threat then target acquired lets you really press your advantage
Combat Advantage
Plasma Cutter deals 35% more damage to Slowed targets.
This talent is just a straight buff to your Q because the first spin of Q will apply the slow then the second one gets a free proc.
Purification Salvo
Channel for 1.5 seconds, sweeping a laser in front of Fenix that locks onto enemy Heroes. Once Channeling finishes, fire 5 missiles at each locked Hero, dealing 86 damage each. Deals 50% increased damage to Slowed targets.
Generally you pick Salvo but on Braxis you pick planet cracker and just stay way in the back. It just denies the other team from having an objective.
Rapid Recharge
Whenever Fenix is healed, Shield Capacitor's Shield recharges for 60% of the healing received.
So this tier used to just be Auxiliary Shields pretty much every time. But since they made it so that you have a net loss in health I think you pick Rapid Recharge now or dampening magic against mages since Fenix has a really big hitbox he tends to get hit with random spells a lot.
Offensive Cadence
Every 3rd Basic Attack against Heroes while Repeater Cannon is active deals an additional 6% of the target's maximum Health as damage.
I think now that you don't pretty much always have a shield I think this percentage health damage is pretty good.
Unconquered Spirit
Upon taking fatal damage, Shield Capacitor regains 800 Shields.
This talent just gives you another health bar. If you're not dying then pick singularity charge.
Balance Patch - 12/11/18
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