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Created January 4, 2019

Lupus Falstad Build

W build is the sleeper OP build on Falstad now-a-days. Your play-style doesn't change that much except you go and bribe camps as often as possible. I actually don't play Falstad all that much because I don't think he's that good but this is the go-to if I were to play him.
Lower the cooldown of Lightning Rod by 3 seconds. Enemy Minions killed near you grant a stack of Bribe. Use 20 stacks to bribe a Mercenary, instantly defeating them and permanently increasing the damage of Lightning Rod by 5%. Does not work on Bosses. Maximum of 80 stacks.
This buffs W damage every time you consume a stack.
Static Shield
Gain a Shield equal to 4% of your maximum Health after every Lightning Rod strike. Lasts 4 seconds and stacks.
Reactivate Hammerang mid-flight to deal 165 damage around the Hammer.
I think you still take BOOMerang just to clear waves. I think charged up is also good.
Mighty Gust
Push enemies away, and slow their Movement Speed by 40% decaying over 4 seconds.
Lightning Rod deals 20% more damage each subsequent strike.
Barrel Roll increases your Movement Speed by 60%, decaying over 3 seconds.
Gives you a better escape
Epic Mount
Reduce the cooldown of Flight to 40 seconds, reduce the cast time before flying to 0.5 seconds, and increase the speed by 50%.
Epic Mount gives you pretty much unmatched map control especially if you're already ahead it's just super oppressive to the enemy team.
Balance Patch - 12/11/18
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