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Created January 4, 2019

Lupus Diablo Build

This is a PUG stomper Diablo Build where you can just pretty much kill anyone you want and get away with it. The downside is that it relies on your opponents being bad which is usually an okay assumption. 
Devil's Due
Black Soulstone increases the effects of Regen Globes and Healing Fountains by 2.25% per Soul.
For random games Devil's Due lets you bait people really hard into thinking they can kill you. Also just lets you stick around because fights tend to go long in random games.
Souls to the Flame
Fire Stomp grants 1 Soul every 3 times it damages an enemy Hero, and heals for an additional 1.3% of its damage dealt per Soul.
Super healing and easy stacks on souls
Eternal Flames
When Diablo stuns an enemy Hero with Shadow Charge or Overpower, reset the cooldown of Fire Stomp.
More soul stacks and more healing from the 4 talent
Lightning Breath
After 0.5 seconds, become Unstoppable and Channel for up to 4 seconds, dealing 50 damage every 0.25 seconds to enemies in front of Diablo. Enemies affected are Slowed by 4% for 2 seconds, up to 40%.
Unstoppable and just a huge threat in fights
Devastating Charge
Increase Shadow Charge's terrain collision damage by 80%. Quest: Each time an enemy Hero takes terrain collision damage, increase this bonus by 20%, to a maximum of 120%.
This is what lets you just fight everyone and do damage to them.
Casting Overpower resets the cooldown of Shadow Charge.
Let's you use your 13 talent 2 times
Teleport and place a demonic rune at target location. After 1.75 seconds, the rune explodes dealing 137 damage and stunning enemies for 1.75 seconds.
Teleport to set yourself up for the Q, E, Q combo
Balance Patch - 12/11/18
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