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Created January 4, 2019

Lupus Brightwing Build

This build relies around resetting cooldowns you burn mana really fast but you're a global so it doesn't really matter. You usually won't need the burst heal from the teleport in a fight if you're present when it starts.
Greater Polymorph
Increase Polymorph's range by 30%. Hero Takedowns refresh the cooldown of Polymorph.
Gives you more range and polymorph already slows so we get more synergy later.
Dream Shot
Increases the range of Arcane Flare by 50%. Hitting a Hero with Arcane Flare's center reduces its cooldown to 2 seconds.
Polymorph a hero then hit them with the Q to get an instant heal. Also just lets you hit people from across the screen
Sticky Flare
Enemy Heroes hit by Arcane Flare have their Movement Speed Slowed by 20% for 3 seconds. Increase the Slow to 40% if they are hit by center portion.
Since you're almost guarantee'd to hit the middle circle on a hero after using poly on them you get the 40% slow and with the CDR from dreamshot you just keep slowing them for 40% forever.
Blink Heal
Teleport to a nearby ally. When teleporting to a Hero, heal them for 200. Stores up to 2 charges.
Gives BW the targeted heal that she needs to clutch heal someone. Allowing you to use teleport to get back to the fight if need be
Pixie Boost
Pixie Dust gives 50% bonus Move Speed, decaying to 20% over 1.5 seconds.
I like to pick the move speed. Safety dust kinda sucks but the spell armor increase is pretty good
While Polymorphed, the target's Armor is reduced by 25, increasing the damage they take by 25%.
Just increases your team's potential to get a kill off of polymorph and when BW gets a kill off of poly she pops off like Li-Ming or Genji with resets.
Speedy Dragon
Permanently gain 20% Movement Speed.
Let's you dart around fights incredibly quickly, Invisible friends is really good too.
Balance Patch - 12/11/18
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