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Created June 17, 2020

Solo Lane

Savor the Flavor
When Devour hits a Hero, Stitches heals for an additional 8% of his maximum Health and Mana over 4 seconds. Quest: Hitting enemy Heroes with Devour increases Stitches's Health Regeneration by 1.5.
Chop Chop
Hitting an enemy Hero with Slam grants 25% increased Attack Speed for 3 seconds. Double the Attack Speed bonus and duration if they are hit by the inner impact area of Slam.
Hitting Heroes with Basic Attacks or the inner impact area of Slam heals Stitches for 2% of his maximum Health.
Consume an enemy Hero, trapping them for 4 seconds. When Gorge ends, the enemy Hero takes 274 damage. The trapped Hero cannot move or act and doesn't take damage from other sources.
Fishing Hook
Hook has an additional 40% range.
Digestive Juices
Hitting an enemy Hero with Devour reduces its cooldown by 5 seconds and causes the Hero hit to deal 50% reduced damage for 5 seconds.
Second Helping
Devour gains 1 additional charge. Enemy Heroes hit by Devour reduce the cooldown of Stitches's Heroic Ability by 5 seconds.
Balance Patch - 11/12/19
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