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Created January 27, 2020

Meta Build

Fingers of Frost
Quest: Gather Regeneration Globes to increase Jaina's Mana Regeneration by 0.1 per second, up to 2 per second. Reward: After gathering 20 Globes, the damage bonus from Frostbite is increased by 10%.
Frost Shards
Frostbolt will now pierce the first target to hit an additional target behind them.
Ice Lance
Hitting a Chilled target with Frostbolt reduces its cooldown by 1.25 seconds and restores 10 Mana.
Ring of Frost
After a 1.5 second delay, create a Ring of Frost in an area that deals 310 damage and Roots enemies for 3 seconds. The ring persists for 3 seconds afterward, Chilling any enemies who touch it.
Icy Veins
Activate to make Jaina's Basic Abilities' cooldowns recharge 200% faster and reduce their Mana cost by 50% for 5 seconds.
Numbing Blast
Cone of Cold Roots Chilled targets for 1 second.
Ice Blink
Activate to teleport a short distance and Chill all nearby enemies.
Balance Patch - 11/12/19
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