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Last Edited April 5, 2021

Meta Build

Increases Frag Grenade's damage by 10% and its range by 50%.
In the Rhythm
Quest: While Minigun is active, Basic Attacks against Heroes permanently increase future Minigun durations by 0.03 seconds.
Melting Point
Enemies hit by Frag Grenade take an additional 75 damage over 3 seconds. This damage is increased by 100% against Minions, Mercenaries and Monsters.
Commandeer Odin
Call down an Odin to pilot. The Odin deals increased Damage, has 100% increased Basic Attack range, and uses different Abilities. The Odin has 25 Armor and lasts 23 seconds.
Spray 'n' Pray
Overkill Slows enemy Movement Speed by 25% and its range is increased by 25%.
Armor Piercing Rounds
Each time Overkill hits an enemy, its damage against them is increased by 15%, stacking up to 60% bonus damage.
Big Red Button
Odin lasts 50% longer and Ragnarok Missiles also launches a Nuclear Missile, which lands 2.5 seconds later, dealing 319 damage in its area.
Balance Patch - 11/12/19
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