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Last Edited November 27, 2022

Zeratul Q Build

any 13 is fine. this build is the easiest zera build to play, good for soaking waves and teamfighting. not as good for solo killing or hard carrying games. build is weak overall until 16/20
Greater Cleave
Increases the radius of Cleave by 33%.
Rending Cleave
Cleave deals an additional 40% damage over 3 seconds.
After 1.25 seconds, reactivate Blink to return to the point where it was cast from within 4 seconds.
Void Prison
Slows time in an area to a near standstill, placing allies and enemies in Time Stop for 5 seconds. Zeratul is not affected.
Shroud of Adun
Zeratul gains a shield equal to 20% of his Maximum Health over 3 seconds while under Permanent Cloak.
Void Slash
If Cleave hits more than one enemy Hero, it deals 40% increased damage and its cooldown is reduced by 3 seconds.
Shadow Mending
Heal for 60% of Spell Damage dealt to Heroes.
Balance Patch - 5/31/17
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How many games on this character does it take to get comfortable. This seems to be an amazing hero but very hard to master
depends on the player. if u are very self critical and analyze your mistakes you can become good quickly. but he definitely has a high skill cap because multiple gap closers and high playmaking potential. my advice is watch pro zera play and try to study decision making and mechanics