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Created November 21, 2022

Falstad Auto Build

This build is ideal for split pushing and dueling
Frequent Flyer
Activate Frequent Flyer to gain 40% Attack Speed and Tailwind for 4 seconds. Quest: Minion kills grant 0.2 Basic Attack Damage. Hero Takedowns grant 0.5 Basic Attack Damage.
Hammer Gains
Basic Attacks heal for 20% of the damage dealt to the primary target.
Secret Weapon
Increases Hammerang's range by 30% and Basic Attacks deal 75% bonus damage while Hammerang is in flight.
Mighty Gust
Push enemies away, and slow their Movement Speed by 40% decaying over 4 seconds.
Sustained Winds
Basic Attacks against enemy Heroes deal bonus damage equal to 1.5% of the Hero's maximum Health, increased to 2% while Tailwind is active.
Barrel Roll increases your Movement Speed by 60%, decaying over 3 seconds.
Wind Tunnel
Mighty Gust creates a wind tunnel for 4 seconds. Enemies caught in the tunnel will periodically be pushed back.
Balance Patch - 05/18/2021
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