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Created October 20, 2018

Lunara Standard PSL

Another pumpkin spice latte basic build, I use this anytime I play Luna... which is almost always on BoE! 
Natural Perspective
Nature's Toxin reveals enemies for its duration.
Nature's Culling
Increases Nature's Toxin's damage by 125% to non-Heroes.
Splintered Spear
Using Noxious Blossom causes Lunara's next Basic Attack to hit up to 4 enemies. These extra attacks can apply Nature's Toxin.
Thornwood Vine
Send forth vines that deal 176 damage to all enemies in a line. Stores up to 3 charges.
Up to you
Let Them Wither
Increases Crippling Spores' Slow duration by 1 second and causes it to no longer decay.
This one depends on the enemy team. If they are clumped a lot Endless can get value, Spell Shield is great vs mages, and if you need a cleanse Abolish is great!
Invigorating Spores
Crippling Spores grants 30% Attack Speed for 6 seconds. Basic Attacks against enemy Heroes with 3 stacks of Nature's Toxin deal damage equal to 1.5% of their maximum Health.
This one also depends on the enemy team. If they clump a lot and you can get multi dot value Accelerated is good, Starwood is good if you need the range, if you have a lot of CC Unfair gets value.
Forest's Wrath
Thornwood Vine now applies 2 stacks of Nature's Toxin. Increase Thornwood Vine's range by 30% and Lunara's vision radius by 35%.
If you took Leaping at 10 take Boundless here. Intensifying is good too.
Balance Patch - 10/16/18
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