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Created November 3, 2020

Tassadar's %-DMG

Static Charge
Quest: Heroes hit by Shock Ray permanently increases its damage by 5 and grants 33% Resonance Beam charge. Maximum of 200 bonus damage.
Plasma Shield
While Resonance Beam is fully charged, gain a Shield equal to 3% of max Health every second, stacking up to 12%.
Psionic Echo
Casting Psionic Storm causes your next Shock Ray within 3 seconds to only cost 30 Mana and create a Psionic Storm on the first enemy Hero hit.
Tassadar transforms into an Archon, gaining a shield equal to 25% of his maximum Health and empowering Resonance Beam. Lasts for 12 seconds. Resonance Beam: Deals 140 damage to the target and splashes 70 damage to nearby enemies. Heroes hit have their Spell Armor reduced by 20 for 2 seconds. Resonance Beam is fully charged while Archon is active.
When an enemy Hero is affected by Psionic Storm, Resonance Beam's Slow is increased to 50% and it reduces Physical Armor by 25.
Thermal Lance
Shock Ray deals an additional 8% of maximum Health as damage to the first Hero it hits.
Khala's Gift
Gain 4% Spell Power for yourself and each nearby ally Hero, up to 20% total Spell Power. Your total bonus is shared with all contributing allies.
Balance Patch - 10/7/200
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