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Created September 4, 2017

The Webspinner (Anub'arak Updated 6/20/18)

Recent changes with baseline armor removed actually served as a Anub buff imo. Strong suggest picking this guy up as a tank main as he's one of the few tanks I truly feel can carry any game with good Cocoon usage.

Pros: Super high utility, cocoon shuts down mobiles threats like Genji Dblade hard, great all around pick

Cons: Super squishy, relies heavily on E for both survival and engaging, enemy can draft to break cocoon
Regeneration Master
Quest: Gathering a Regeneration Globe increases your Health Regeneration by 1 per second, up to 30. Reward: After gathering 30 Regeneration Globes, you also gain 500 Health.
Regeneration Master is the go-to here. Nerubian armor bad with baseline armor removed.
Increases Burrow Charge range by 20% and damage by 100%.
Underking gives you extra burst damage on cc combo, extra range to guarentee engage, and can do ok for waveclear if safe to E wave (don't recommend most of the time.) Just the best enabling talent here.
Subterranean Shield
Burrow Charge also grants a 345 point shield for 5 seconds.
Thought for a bit more shield uptime would be the go-to, but as it turns out, Subterranean is still just too good to pass up. Guarenteed shield on E protects your engage and makes it harder to turn on you.
Wraps target enemy Hero in a cocoon, rendering them unable to act or be targeted for 8 seconds. Allies of the Hero can attack the cocoon to break it and free them early. Range: 6
We've all played 4v5's with a bot. Cocoon lets you force that situation on someone by making every fight a 4v5 for the enemy team.Cocoon support if your team is trying to 1-shot an enemy and cocoon tank for longer fights. Also can be used as a point-and-click pick tool.
Burning Rage
Deal 23 damage per second to nearby enemies.
Between this and Acid-Drenched. This is the better all-around talent with Acid-Drenched being a pure pvp talent. Still, the passive aoe damage and better pve is worth it.
Increases Burrow Charge impact area by 60% and lowers the cooldown by 1.25 seconds for each Hero hit.
Makes combo much much easier to hit which is amazing for late game. This makes your E incredibly hard to dodge and even gives cdr to boot.
Activate to reset the cooldowns of your Basic Abilities.
Rewind is a silly talent on Anub'arak. It lets you use your E twice if you need a get-out-of-jail free card or let's you CC 1-2 people for 4-5 seconds with an E -> Q -> Q -> E Combo. All around super nice broken talent on Anub.
Balance Patch - 8/8/17
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