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Created September 5, 2017

The Moving Castle (Johanna Updated 6/20/18)

My current go-to Johanna build with tech talents listed by tier. Character has shifted back to a more all-around tank with good waveclear and frontline control. Still not the go-to for playmaking players, but waveclear can carry on its own.

Pros: Great for interrupting channels, great waveclear, super safe, great teamfight disruption

Cons: Weak at forcing engages pre-10, poor against sustained poke, still no hard cc lockdown besides ults
Laws of Hope
Activate to heal 30% of Johanna's maximum Health over 4 seconds. Passive: Regenerate 1.5 Health per second.
All 3 lvl 1's viable right now I feel. Laws of Hope is best for most circumstances after health got buffed and really helps sustain damage the best. Also the most susceptible to getting bursted down so be careful.
Sins Exposed
Shield Glare marks enemies for 4 seconds. The next time any ally damages them, they take 90 extra damage and the mark is removed.
The more I've taken this talent, the more I've fallen in love with it. It doubles Johanna's waveclear efficiency and allows her to provide extra burst damage to combos early without having to sacrifice her positioning.
Blessed Momentum
Basic Attacks reduce your Basic Ability cooldowns by 0.5 seconds.
This build synergizes around the E cooldown, so lower cooldowns are always appreciated.
Blessed Shield
Deal 114 damage and stun the first enemy hit for 1.5 seconds. Blessed Shield then bounces to 2 nearby enemies, dealing 57 damage and stunning them for 0.75 seconds.
Blessed Shield gives Johanna the playmaking power she lacked 1-9. It's not flashy, but this ultimate does the job. Look to Blessed -> W + Q to set up kills for your team.
Blessed Hammer
Activate to create 2 hammers that spiral outward from Johanna, dealing 84 damage to enemies hit. Hitting Heroes with Shield Glare reduces the cooldown of this Ability by 8 seconds.
I actually hate Blessed Hammer, but it unfortunately is the best talent with this build. Not taking MS at 4 makes the other talents harder to proc and Hammers can provide extra utility by scouting bushes and dismounting heroes. It's damage isn't very apparent at first glance, but it is there and it also doesn't require you to sacrifice positioning to use.
Holy Renewal
Every enemy Hero affected by Shield Glare restores 114 Health.
Since this build is all about landing big E's, this talent is a no-brainer. Gives you some extra sustain/burst healing in fights to keep you up.
Upon taking fatal damage, Johanna gains a Shield equal to her maximum Health for 4 seconds.
Both Indestructible and Blind by the Light are viable at 20 here. Take Indestructible to play more aggro yourself/if the enemy is focusing you or Blinded by the Light if you need to protect your team more.
Balance Patch - 8/8/17
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ishb00 This was made just after rework, I really would advocate for Roar or Hammers over Holy Fury. It is half* that of a standard burning rage. Obviously opinions are your own, but the value of PvE from Holy Fire is marginally better than both options in the wave-clear department.
The thing about numbers like this is they can be tricky. Theoretical output of some talents can be insane, but practical output? How often are you able to recreate those best case scenarios? I'm trying out both hammers and holy fury right now to see which is better teamfight damage and still leaning towards fury, but am definitely surprised by hammers and need to test more.

All in all, I think the proper test should be with both having +2 as that is the most consistent to get (you always aim for 2 man W's to land your followup 2-man Q) and it's honestly hard to hit more than 2-3 people with an E while keeping your cast of E meaningful (aka, not just spamming at group of enemies on cooldown). At the 2 man point, the two abilities are close enough to have fury edge out hammers for pve ability alone. Regardless, I'll keep trying them both out.

Thank you so much for this information, I honestly hate the thought of hammers being the better choice with how unreliable it's damage is, but if it turns out to be better, so be it.
Obviously practicality overrides any theoretical numbers we can produce. Just showing that Holy Fury, while it might feel good, can be deceptive in what it does, and Hammers does more than most will recognize.