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Created August 16, 2018

Main Tank Johanna

Jo is a pretty easy tank to get used to. I would say the main things to keep in mind when playing her are: Use D wisely as it is a long cooldown. Landing W + Q combo is the easiest way to land Blessed Shield but eventually to make engage plays you have to be able to land it cold. Generally people waste E instead of actually watching the AA hero and shutting them down with a blind - if you don't see a reason to use it right away just sit on it, as it is a long cooldown.
Laws of Hope
Activate to heal 30% of Johanna's maximum Health over 4 seconds. Passive: Regenerate 1.5 Health per second.
Hold your ground is good into very heavy CC comps or mages such as Jaina/Kael who you are sure to end up in an AoE at some point and you need the shield.
Sins Exposed
Shield Glare marks enemies for 4 seconds. The next time any ally damages them, they take 90 extra damage and the mark is removed.
All level 4 talents are good but Sins Exposed adds waveclear and an extra purpose to using E in situations where it would otherwise be useless (i.e. the blind is not needed but the damage is).
Hitting 2 or more Heroes at the same time with Punish increases the Slow to 80% and the Slow amount does not decay. Quest: Hit 4 or more Heroes at the same time with Punish. Reward: Punish always Slows by 80% and the Slow amount no longer decays.
Blessed momentum also works great here.
Blessed Shield
Deal 114 damage and stun the first enemy hit for 1.5 seconds. Blessed Shield then bounces to 2 nearby enemies, dealing 57 damage and stunning them for 0.75 seconds.
Falling sword is great when against easy targets to land on with no escapes or if the enemy team has displacement you need to survive in case you mess up (such as Gorge Stiches or a Garrosh). Blessed is best in 7/10, perhaps 8/10 games.
Increase Punish's damage by 25%. This bonus is increased by 150% whenever Punish hits 2 or more Heroes.
Personally I only ever take Roar because the damage can be so surprising to the enemy team. A good W + Q combo can win a team fight pretty handily if you have an AoE mage to follow up.
Holy Renewal
Every enemy Hero affected by Shield Glare restores 114 Health.
Heals are always good in a tough game. I sometimes go Fanaticism into Putrid Bile Stiches or an Arthas. I go Imposing Presence against big AA heroes or for the extra slow for securing kills.
Upon taking fatal damage, Johanna gains a Shield equal to her maximum Health for 4 seconds.
Always pick Indestructible unless you think you're going to need to use Blinded By The Light to assist your support in the final teamfight of the game.
New Season - 7/10/18
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