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Created August 16, 2018

Favorite niche Johanna build

This build is amazing when the enemy team features heroes with big AA damage such as Zul'jin, Thrall, or Greymane without having any rapid attack heroes (Lucio, Tychus, and so forth that would eat up block charges). The whole purpose of the build is to shut down their AA hero and to be landing your W and Q on as many targets as possible as often as possible (which results block charges coming in at a good pace). Paired with imposing presence and your E, there is almost nothing an AA hero can do at all to you or anyone else. Falling Sword is actually really good with this build because if you can land in the fight with 2 block charges and your D available you are pretty much unkillable for a good 5 seconds while you break up everything they would want to be doing. Late game on a map like Dragon Shire you can practically rotate with Falling Sword and just keep threatening pick after pick wherever you go. For a more standard Jo build, see my other build, but honestly when I think of having fun playing Jo, this is the build I think of the most fondly.
Divine Fortress
Loan: Gain 20% bonus maximum Health. Every death reduces this bonus by 5%. Basic Attacks against enemy Heroes grant 10 Physical Armor for 4 seconds, stacking up to 40.
It begins.
Eternal Retaliation
Mark enemies hit by Condemn for 10 seconds. Johanna's next Basic Attack against them removes the mark, lowering the cooldown of Condemn by 1 second, refunding 10 Mana, and killing Minions.
Faster W cooldown means more physical armor uptime.
Steed Charge
Activate to instantly Mount for 3 seconds, unhindered by damage. Passive: Increase the duration of Iron Skin by 2 second.
Faster cooldowns means physical armor and being able to Q more often which can soften up the enemy team a lot.
Falling Sword
Johanna leaps into the air for 2 seconds and she can steer the landing location by moving. While in the air, allies below Johanna are Unstoppable. Upon landing enemies hit take 225 damage and are Stunned for 0.25 seconds.
Use it to flank, use it to hard engage, use it to escape. Just note that it can be wonky trying to cross terrain if you didn't cast past the obstacle.
Increase Punish's damage by 50%. This bonus is increased by 150% whenever Punish hits 2 or more Heroes.
Damage all day.
Shrinking Vacuum
Condemn reduces enemy Heroes damage by 25% and Slows by 25% for 2 seconds.
Whenever their AA hero isn't blind or combo'd by you, just get him with this and make his life more miserable.
Heaven's Fury
Falling Sword rains down holy bolts, dealing 50 damage to enemies, healing allied Heroes for 68, and reducing its cooldown by 1 second for each Hero hit.
The dream is to take Heaven's Fury. Indestructible is still almost always the pick here in this build for a real game but if you can make it work I highly recommend it. It's actually kind of OP.
New Season - 7/10/18
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