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Created August 16, 2018


If you're ever in doubt about how to play Cho'Gall, just ask yourself what a B17 Flying Fortress would do.
Consuming Fire
Consuming Blaze heals for 150% more when a Hero is Ignited.
There is a place for all 3 level 1 talents but Consuming Fire is the most generalist. Fuel for the Flame is good on rotational maps or late game maps (Tomb, Dragon Shire, Volskaya). Calloused Hide is good with big obvious healers on your team such as Alexstraza or Morales.
Rune Bomb continues to travel after detonation, and will roll back to Cho, damaging enemies in its path.
Happy Gal, happy life.
Power Surge
Each Hero hit by Surging Fist reduces its cooldown by 5 seconds.
Firestarter is also good here.
Hammer of Twilight
Activate to swing the Hammer of Twilight, dealing 150 damage, pushing enemies away, and stunning them for 0.75 seconds. Passive: Cho's Basic Attacks deal 25% increased damage.
Each level 10 is amazing, both providing displacement and interrupt but they serve different purposes. Upheaval is a bigger playmaker but it can go badly. It can be used behind you to peel, cast it over walls to bunch enemies together for a combo, pull people into your base and so on. Hammer of Twilight is very safe and helpful for peeling and can be good for chasing down kills after a long team fight. Due to Cho's general lack of peel I give the edge to Hammer of Twilight.
Runic Feedback
Gall's Runic Blast reduces your Rune Bomb cooldown by 1 second per enemy hit, and 2 seconds for each Hero hit.
Same as level 4.
Molten Block
Activate to enter Stasis and gain Invulnerability for 3 seconds, damaging nearby enemies for 92 damage per second.
Still Cho'Gall's best Tier. RIP Unstoppable on Q. Long live Molten Block. If you're ever losing just remember that if you can make it here with all keeps in tact and the enemy isn't 20, your chance of winning just went up at least 10%.
Hour of Twilight
Decreases Cho'gall's death timer by 50%.
Half death timer means you can commit to a trade for a keep or core damage if the opportunity presents itself and you'll be back before the enemy team can punish. It also means if you wipe on the last team fight you'll probably be up for the core defense (and you're Cho'Gall who can 2v5 post level 20).
New Season - 7/10/18
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